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50 Orchard Park Drive

Greenville, South Carolina 29615

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Our Beliefs

Foundations of Faith is a grace-based ministry emphasizing the unconditional passionate love that God has towards all people. We believe that God's Love was expressed ultimately through the cross of His Son Jesus Christ, who died for the sins of all humanity. We believe that a personal relationship is now possible with God through Jesus Christ. This is a relationship of love and acceptance through which people are freed from condemnation, shame, and guilt.

Statement of Faith

God provided the atonement sacrifice of Jesus Christ for ALL mankind. Therefore, it is eternally and entirely sufficient to redeem, reconcile, restore, heal, deliver, and prosper any person who receives it by faith.• God's single desire is that ALL would come to know Him and enter into a life-giving relationship with Him. The purpose and ministry of the church are to represent and facilitate that desire to ALL people.• The Bible is the Word of God inspired and revealed by the Holy Spirit and recorded by men to know and understand the nature and will of God and His relationship to His creation. It is a complete, sufficient, life-giving testimony of God. Therefore, it is directly applicable to all areas of people's lives and to the life of the church.• The grace and mercy of God are paramount in addressing any issue or conflict that would arise in any person's life and in the life of the church.• Nurturing a love for God and a love for people produces Godly relationships and is the single most effective catalyst that will create a life-giving church.• The Body of Christ, because we are one, is accountable to Jesus Christ as Lord and then to each other as members of the Body. Therefore, the church is responsible for promoting personal accountability in the life of each believer, especially in the areas of Christian character and integrity.• The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is a separate and distinct experience apart from the salvation experience of each believer. This subsequent baptism enables each "Born Again Believer" to become an effective witness for the Kingdom of God.

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